Music To Listen To In September

Sorry for the slight break in transmission recently, lets put it down to the vagaries of mental health… In the meantime while I prepare my next Soundcloud story, here’s a mix of songs that have caught my attention lately. I hope you’ll give both old friends and new discoveries some Soundcloud love.Whether its a virtuoso […]

Santa Dharma – Japan

The duo I’m featuring today is one I am totally in love with. As a matter of fact if I lived in Tokyo I’d be begging them to let me join their band!! They’re one of my all time favourite discoveries on Soundcloud – I’ve devoured everything they’ve put up onto Bandcamp and it’s a […]

Soundcloud recommendations for March / April

Here’s some of the stuff that’s been floating through speakers and headphones in my house and travels lately.I love how eclectic this list is – starting with the cool indie instrumental by Haga187 – what a cool bassline!!This list also features the ridiculously talented Jonathan Beckenstein a few times – both solo and in sublime […]

Miaow McDonald – Scotland

Miaow McDonald was one of my earlier finds on Soundcloud – she has a fantastic indie pop style which suits her cool chanteuse / noir-ish voice really well. All of her songs are excellently produced and well worth your listening time. How did you get into music? I grew up in a house full of music, […]

Even more February listening

I can’t believe how much utterly fantastic music I’ve been hearing on Soundcloud during February – so much so that it required a second playlist for this month. Cat Came Back · Even More February Faves From The Cat

Null-o Band – Toronto

Ever since hearing bands like Kraftwerk and (early) Simple Minds and local Australian bands like Icehouse and Pseudo Echo (yeah a very guilty teenage pleasure, sorry) I’ve loved the sonic possibilities that synths and keyboards offered in music. One of my favourite artists to keep up with on Soundcloud is Null-o Band, who make trippy […]

Earworms Feb ’22

Here’s a playlist of some songs that have been humming through my ears for the last few weeks on Soundcloud……I’ll be featuring a few of these talented artists in future posts… Cat Came Back · The Cat's Favourite Earworms Feb '22

Shade Structure – Sacramento, California

This talented fellow is one of the artists that really exemplify the good things about Soundcloud. Not only is he a prolific songwriter but his Soundcloud feed is an almost constant source of cool music. Whenever I jump on to Soundcloud, Shade Structure is one of the first feeds I check out – both in […]

SeafoamSweaterGirl – Illinois, US.

Nicole (aka SeafoamSweaterGirl) is one of my favourite Soundclouders. Her lo-fi and low key (mostly) acoustic songs are little folky gems. There’s a directness and quiet confidence to them that is captivating and charming and it’s served with a dash of world weariness and cynicism. Her songs are great example of the folk tradition and […]

Richard Monaghan – Stockport UK

Richard is definitely in my top 5 for discoveries on Soundcloud this year. I am exceedingly jealous of his uncanny ability to craft a perfect Brit pop song pretty much every single time. Superb choruses, heartfelt lyrics and recordings all with an earthy feel to them. And all hand crafted to perfection. He makes it […]


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