Miaow McDonald – Scotland

Miaow McDonald was one of my earlier finds on Soundcloud – she has a fantastic indie pop style which suits her cool chanteuse / noir-ish voice really well. All of her songs are excellently produced and well worth your listening time.

How did you get into music?

I grew up in a house full of music, all my family are musicians and so it was a natural part of my childhood development. we had an old piano in our home, lots of guitars and a huge collection of vinyl. i would listen to everything from Pink Floyd to Beethoven… from Johnny Cash to David Bowie… from Bach to Blondie. my main influences are Patti Smith, Thom Yorke, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis. i admire their fearlessness, their theatre and their genius.

my brother bought me my first guitar, the same year my dad died. i was 13 and ‘Julio’, my Spanish guitar, is one of my best friends. i still have Julio and you can hear it on some of my tracks.

i love words, and the imagery they can convey… i have been in many bands and toured the UK and USA with my former project, Little Buddha.

my current devotion is a collaboration with @agedchoirboy aka Robert Davidson and together we are called Pilgrims. two studio albums, Wilderness & Tundra, and a third on the way… containing songs written about our journey into love and our love of nature, highlighting the plight of many animals that man has continually enslaved, tortured and slain for too long. here is a link to Pilgrims soundcloud @pilgrimsuk

@agedchoirboy is currently co-producing my debut album, Year Zero, which i hope to complete and release before the year is out.

The song you’ve uploaded to Soundcloud that is your favourite? What’s the story behind the song?

ooh that is a tough question! that’s like asking a mother which of her children she prefers! i can’t honestly say which is my favourite as they all have a poignant meaning in my life… these past 4 years, since the death of my mother, have been a really emotional rollercoaster but my music has helped me through many a dark day and long night. i have often woken up next to my guitar… so this is why i genuinely don’t have a favourite as such. but there is one track, an instrumental, that i will be on my album called ‘Little Spoon’ – it’s a track i wrote about my little cat, Alf… he too has been a wonderful companion through all of this and has been instrumental (bad pun, i know…) in helping me stay as sane as i can in these dark times.

Your favourite Soundcloud artist and song?

there are many artists on Soundcloud that have my heart… Viola Moonshape is one. her voice is like apple sauce, and her musical arrangements are completely mesmerising… Holy Shitshow is another artist that i enjoy. he is prolific and yet unassuming. a lot of his tracks remind me of the Blue Nile. another band that i really respect.

there are too many artists to mention here that have blown my mind and/or moved me to tears with their musical creations… you can find them in a series of playlists i have compiled. i call them my ‘magic’ playlists as they contain a lot of magic that i’ve stumbled upon here on Soundcloud, which is, due to its friendly and encouraging community, my preferred platform for musical listening and recreation

Any tips for people starting out on Soundcloud?

Yes… listen to other artists. that is really important. if you like what you hear, tell them so… feedback for artists is really important. if a song/track moves me in some way, or stirs something in me, i tell them.

collaborate with other artists too… that is a great way to network and widen your audience.

and be nice! constructive criticism is always welcome. artists pour themselves into their music… it’s an intimacy shared, be sensitive to that. if something in a song, or composition, resonates with you – let them know what it is and why… they will appreciate that.

i have made some good musical friends here on Soundcloud and looking forward to perhaps collaborating with some of them in the future. music transcends all barriers. it’s a beautiful thing. share it. live it.

My favourite Miaow McDonald song is……

I like to think of this as a bit of a modern day torch song……

If you reeeeeally like what you hear from Miaow McDonald, you find her excellent music here on Bandcamp

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