Null-o Band – Toronto

Ever since hearing bands like Kraftwerk and (early) Simple Minds and local Australian bands like Icehouse and Pseudo Echo (yeah a very guilty teenage pleasure, sorry) I’ve loved the sonic possibilities that synths and keyboards offered in music. One of my favourite artists to keep up with on Soundcloud is Null-o Band, who make trippy sc-fi themed electronica that is atmospheric and a lot of fun.

Null-O Band is:
null-o – synths, bass, guitars
raccoon 6ix – guitars, bass, synths, vocals
voland – criticizing null-o & raccoon 6ix, occasional drums (I love these kinds of credits)

Formed in Toronto in 2018, the plan was Null-O Band to be a live act, but after the band started recording songs for the first album, the pandemic happened, raccoon moved to Montreal and currently the members of the band exchange ideas online, record their parts at home and release music online.
The band has released 3 albums so far: Parallax View (2020) – compiled mostly by rehearsal recordings, Martian Tavern Jukebox (2021) and Ghost Armada, Chapter I (EP, 2021). Ghost Armada, Chapter II is in progress and will feature some of the band’s favorite indie singers.
Besides working on the follow up to Ghost Armada Chapter, voland still plays in a local metal band and null-o fills in on bass sometimes. Raccoon 6ix works on his solo album (guitar instrumentals). null-o is in the final stages of completing an EP with electronic remixes of acoustic songs by Seafoam Sweater Girl (previously featured on this blog here)

Musical influences / favourite artists when you were growing up?

There are 2 bands that all members of Null-O Band will put in their top 3 major influences – Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. Other influences – Massive Attack, Deep Purple, Front Line Assembly, Machines Of Loving Grace, Alan Parson and many contemporary indie artists.
Favorite bands while growing up – null-o (Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Motorhead, Jean-Michell Jarre, NIN), raccoon 6ix (Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, Pink Floyd, NIN, Front Line Assembly), voland (Jethro Tull, Judas Priest, NIN, RATM, Massive Attack)

What’s the song you’ve uploaded to Soundcloud that is your favourite? What’s the story behind the song?

My (null-o) favorite song uploaded on SC is probably Ursa Minor Dance Patterns despite its production flaws. I have soft spot for it because it is the last song we used to play while we were together and it gave us the idea for sci-fi oriented album (I am sci-fi nerd, read a lot of it when I have time, voland reads heavy stuff and raccoon is too eclectic reader to describe).

Favourite Soundcloud artist?

I think I will go with Aurora Ferrer – I heard her music soon after we joined SC and it was exactly the kind of music I often imagined but never heard and I was (and still am) very happy with the discovery. Aurora has powerful voice which could work in all kind of music, from pop to hard rock & metal (she does jazz too)but she is doing her own thing with heavy synths and soaring vocals and I love her dark and abstract lyrics, always with pinch of humor. It is one of the artists I listen very often to and I am looking forward to her second album. My favorite song from her first album is here on Soundcloud (writer’s note – usually I embed these songs but Soundcloud won’t give me a code to embed this one so you’ll need to click the link to Soundcloud to hear the song)

Any tips for people starting out on Soundcloud?

Don’t hurry to upload tracks, take your time to make them as good as you can.

Your thoughts on the Soundcloud community?

We keep in touch with a few artists and collaborate with some (Seafoam Sweater Girl , Deerevnia). For us it is a cool place to chill out and discover new music. We always try to comment/give a feedback/share on social media if we like something we hear on SC and it is always interesting to hear what people think of our music.

My favourite Null-o Band song….

I quite like their picturesque collaborations with spoken word artists, here’s a perfect example….

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