SeafoamSweaterGirl – Illinois, US.

Nicole (aka SeafoamSweaterGirl) is one of my favourite Soundclouders. Her lo-fi and low key (mostly) acoustic songs are little folky gems. There’s a directness and quiet confidence to them that is captivating and charming and it’s served with a dash of world weariness and cynicism. Her songs are great example of the folk tradition and a reminder that single voice with an acoustic guitar can stop you for a moment and make you listen in a way that few other musical genres can.

I’m 32. Work seasonal jobs and make music in the off season. I have two dogs and a cat. I have a daughter and soon to have a son (due in February!) fun fact, I absolutely hate making music that sounds nice and polished and refined- most of my songs are done in one or two takes and never touched again lol

My musical history in a nutshell….

I have played instruments as long as I can remember. Violin and flute as a kid. Taught myself bass and guitar at age 12. I have been writing songs and poetry since I was a teen. I never wanted to be a singer, but could never find anyone who would sing for me- so in 2013 I decided to bite the bullet and do it myself! Recorded my first tracks in 2013 to SoundCloud and the rest is history. My music is basically just my heart and my thoughts made into sounds.

Musical influences/childhood favs…

I love all types of music from classic rock to European folk music to dance to classical lol I grew up being obsessed with “grunge” music (soundgarden, Pearl Jam, nirvana, Alice In Chains) and classic rock (Led Zep, AC/DC, doors, Hendrix) and Bob Marley. To date these are probably the bands that shaped my musical interest the most.. but there are so many more!!!

Favorite SoundCloud song I’ve uploaded and it’s story…

that’s tough, and I feel like it changes constantly lol right now it’s “we’re so small” which is essentially about growing up and realizing that life isn’t what you thought it would be.. as a child you have dreams and aspirations and then as you age and get sucked into the work life, bills, relationships, hardships, losing friends and family… you realize that the machine just keeps rolling and profiting off you… the allure of being special and unique is shattered and you realize that everyone is just a tooth in the gears, in the wheel of the machine. Bummer.

Favourite SoundCloud artist and song….

wow! These are hard questions! I suppose I’d have to choose “in your palm” by vulpine smile because they are one of the first bands I started listening to on here years ago, and I loved the song so much I did a cover of it 🙂 they used to have a different name but I can’t remember it.

And here’s Nicole’s cover of the above song

Tips for people starting out on SoundCloud….

don’t be discouraged! When you first start uploading it can be discouraging when no one is finding your music or the only hearts you’re getting are from spam accounts.. it takes time. Just do your thing, create from the heart, and with time your people will find you 🙂

Thoughts on SoundCloud community….

I can’t speak for all of SoundCloud, but as for the people I have interacted with on here- they’re so lovely and supportive!!! Like one big family of creative energy. I’ve never gotten so many kind and encouraging words from any other place, online or off.

Here’s my favourite SeafoamSweater song – I just love this one…..Just a simple acoustic song, a wonderful vocal and a footstomp backing – absolutely perfect lo fi folk.

If you go to SeafoamSweaterGirl’s Spotify page, you’ll also get a chance to hear her in another musical setting because her Spotify catalogue includes some quite cute electronic instrumental pieces, as well as her usual folky gems.

She’s also done some collaborations with another fave of mine, Nullo-Band, an artist I’m going to featuring in one of my upcoming Soundcloud Stories.

You can also see SeafoamSweaterGirl on Youtube, here’s “We’re So Small”

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