Fady – Baltimore

Fady creates a wonderfully dreamy and kaleidoscopic music which I love for its unique mixture of beauty and fragility. When I listen to his music, the words handle with care often come to mind – it sometimes feels like his songs could fall apart if you handled them too roughly…

From conversing with him via Soundcloud’s email service I’ve found him to be an exceedingly nice person and very supportive of other people’s music – the last time I looked he’d left over 4000!!!! comments on people’s songs – that’s Soundcloud “salt of the earth” kind of stuff!! He exemplifies the very best qualities of what Soundcloud can be and there was a lot I could relate to in some of his answers….

How did you get into music?

Hello reader. I am Fady. A dreampop musician on Soundcloud. My journey into music began at age 14 with the purchase of my first guitar. It was the same year Nirvana released Nevermind. I learned a few bar chords and got to work learning the entire album. Shortly after I began writing my own terrible terrible songs. I shared them with exactly zero people. Throughout University studies, I continued writing out of love for the craft and tried out for a few bands. Rejected. Every time. Undeterred, I taught myself a bit of piano and went the keyboard route. Getting nowhere at all with music, I gave up for a long time. When Soundcloud came on the scene I felt I had finally found a place to contaminate the world with my music. I have been on the cloud since 2012. 

Your musical influences?

My musical influences range from Radiohead to Tupac and everything in between. There is greatness in all forms of music. 

Your favourite song that you’ve written?

My favorite song of mine is a track called Audacity. It is not great but it is my most personal track. Usually I try to write songs which I think other people can relate to. Audacity is the first song I wrote specifically for myself.  (Author’s note – actually this song IS great..)

Your favourite Soundcloud artist?

My favorite soundcloud artist is an impossible choice. Gun to my head, I would pick Gordin Bones. Gordin aka Gustav, was a brilliant artist who wrote incredibly moving music. Sadly he took his own life and ended his battle with depression. The world lost a great song writer. If you have time to listen to “feel the Brainwash” I think you will agree. 

Thoughts on the Soundcloud community / Tips?

If you are just starting out on Soundcloud, welcome to the family. This is the friendliest site out there. I strongly encourage you to be generous with your time and love. There are some shockingly talented people here. A few words of encouragement to others can mean the world to them. Try not to follow people unless you truly enjoy their music and intend to listen. Dont let numbers dictate your feeling of self worth. There are thousands of tracks released every day and it can be very difficult to get noticed at all. Honestly, this is a labor of love. The moment you stop loving the process of writing music is the moment you should take a break from it. 
May our paths cross on the cloud someday.

‘Twas hard for me to pick a favourite song from Fady but I do have a soft spot for this one. I was listening to some of his music on Bandcamp one day – driving around on what had started out as a particularly crappy day – and over the course of half an hour or so I gladly jumped into his trippy little musical world and came out the other side in a much better place.

So thank you Fady – if I may borrow your own words – for contaminating the world with your music……….

You can also find some of his music here on Bandcamp.

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