Dearest Friends – Aged Choir Boy

Songs with a “message” can be a bit tricky for me as a listener. I grew up with a daily Australian FM radio diet that included huge chunks of Midnight Oil mixing often fantastic music with a relentless barrage of political preaching that my young mind really wasn’t all that interested in. And oh the irony to see an older Peter Garrett decked out in suit and tie sitting in a chamber full of politicians as part of the boys club a decade or so later………

So as someone who is not usually a fan of songs with a message I can have a rather extreme reaction to these kinds of songs.

But I think this one gets the balance between art and message pretty much right. And as someone who well over a decade ago decided to never touch meat again, it’s a theme that I am in fervent agreement with. Great use of classic film dialogue to set the scene at the beginning and also later in the song. Then it’s a song full of killer hooks, great guitar riffs, a great chorus and a post-chorus section that lifts it to even greater heights. It all reminds me a bit of Manic Street Preachers around the time of Design For Life.

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