Default Sensor – Ireland

Default Sensor is a really friendly Soundclouder from Ireland who I always enjoy seeing new songs from. His music is raw garage rock and is full of all of the most important musical attributes – melody, hooks and feeling. I remember once commenting on one of his songs saying it reminded me of Placebo but he wasn’t really aware of them as an influence – but his vocal delivery, particularly his phrasing reminds me a lot of Brian Molko and a few of his catchier tunes sound at least to my ears like they could easily sit on an album like Black Market Music. He also embodies the best parts of the Soundcloud community, always encouraging and listening and reposting songs he likes – you get the sense he is a true music fan happy to be part of the community both as an active creator and listener. Back to his music, he has a real knack for coming up with really catchy power pop songs and I can imagine if he got a band together it would be a fun night watching him play a frenetic hour long set in a sweaty Dublin pub or nightclub.

How did you get into music?

So got started in music probably like most people picked up a guitar around 13/14 to emulate bands I liked. I think Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr was probably the song that most made me want to play guitar. I am of the vintage where I still have the original 7″ of that song in my record collection. Played in some bands while in school and college but that was kind of it career wise. I have always kept playing in my own moderate way and have always enjoyed writing songs and when the pandemic struck and lockdowns kicked in I decided I would figure out how to use a DAW and get recording. From there I just decided to throw them up on Soundcloud.

Your musical influences?

My musical influences are so varied it’s quite funny. Myself and my wife think we are probably the only people to have seen Andrea Bocelli and Linkin Park live in concert in the same month some years back. But I am really a child of the late 80s and 90s so Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, The Pixies, Husker Du & Sugar, Neds, Mega City Four, Senseless Things, Rancid, Whipping Boy, Therapy, REM & U2 as well and so many others that would be my main influences/tastes also like Snow Patrol, Green Day I could go on all night but basically any song in any genre that catches my ear I will listen to……………..

Your favourite song that you’ve written?

I think my favorite track of my own that I have uploaded could be “Stop to Ask You”. As a bedroom mixer I think it has probably one of my best produced tracks. The theme is just around the mental health space and those day to day difficulties in life and just stopping to ask people if they are doing Ok and checking in with family, friends and colleagues, costs little but can mean a lot. I actually entered this into the UK Songwriting Contest kinda out of curiosity I’d never entered before and it has made it through to the semi-finals so that is kinda cool and we’ll see what happens.

Your favourite Soundcloud artist?

I don’t think a bit like influences I could single out any SC artist as such. I’ve genuinely come across some really great music on here. However artists like the Bawl Slant have really great content one of my fave’s there is a track with Adro the Toxic waste who is an insane guitarist and has some killer raucous punk tracks on SC too.

Cat Came Back are another artist I really like on SC too with one of the best vocalists on SC or anywhere for that matter, one of their tracks I really liked (note by the writer – aw shucks….. 😺)

No Killie Fish is just a great rock and roll artist also so good and amazing guitarist…

Athauntes I really like – she does some really beautiful piano songs with awesome lyrics, Brian Butts does some great metal and again is an amazing musician, Marc Freak does some cool avant garde stuff particularly with another artist called It! Para Lia have some super cool Indie Rock tracks. Mind Watching Your Elbow are about as fun as music gets. 

Amy O’Bryan is the Lo-Fi queen and I loved this track of hers

Finn Eces is a gorgeous song writer, Phileann is an amazing musician, Aine Parkes another Irish musician has some really cool and quirky tunes, Earth Patriot writes some great grungy rock tracks and Collie is another great SC artist along with Off Topic who really have a great knack for writing songs. I could go on and feel bad for leaving people out but I think if I do follow someone I am usually genuinely interested to hear what they are up to next!!

Thoughts on the Soundcloud community?

Sound Cloud for me has been a mostly positive experience I have made several SC buddies on here that I correspond with and collaborate with on a regular basis and that is great. The comments are for the very most part positive and encouraging. I kinda don’t get the people chasing followers and following without listening so I generally don’t engage, but if someone has a listen and likes or comments on my stuff I will genuinely get over to their page at some point to listen. I never follow anyone unless I’ve listened to them first!!

Soundcloud Tips?

Tip 1: You’re never too old 🤣 Tip 2: Its all about the song, we can’t all be grammy award winning producers but if you have a good track record it to the best of your ability, if the song is strong that’s what counts. Tip 3: Try to be genuine as much as possible, hard to know what everyone wants and that’s all cool but if you follow someone try to take a listen to their stuff when you can, we all like a little feedback!! Tip 4: Collaborate when you can, and don’t worry about ability, it is so much fun to work with other people on here, gets you maybe to different places musically than you might do on your own or different styles!!

In my little opening blurb I alluded to how I could imagine Default Sensor being a perfect pub rock act so with that in mind here’s one of his songs I’d recommend for the encore and also as a primer for the long walk home afterwards!

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