B Flat Is Back – Marc Fedak

A quirky one today – this is a cute little song that I chose today because:

1. I like it

2. because it was the first thing I thought of when I was in the process of tinkering with a piece of my own music a few days ago.

I’d started mucking around with something new but had run out of time to continue working on it. I was quickly packing up when I accidentally banged a note on my keyboard as the music I was working on was looping in the background. Liking what that note was doing, I checked what key I had accidentally touched and saw it was B flat. Knowing I wasn’t going to get a chance to return to the piece for a few days I left this little note in front of my computer reminding me where to start from next time…

Anyway, onto the song! This is a charming little ode to a key that I personally avoid wherever possible because it means I have to think too much when playing!

Marc is from Ontario, Canada and has quite a knack for writing quirky little songs like this one.

I also recommend you do yourself a favour* and check out his Youtube video in which he has composed a fantastic little travelogue song about his trip to Italy.

*do yourself a favour – a term made famous here in Australia during the 80’s and 90’s by a music television presenter named Molly Meldrum who used this catchphrase when urging you to go out and buy say, the latest Duran Duran or Cyndi Lauper song.

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