This blog is my little attempt to showcase some of the wonderful artistic souls on Soundcloud. I’m amazed at how many gifted artists are on Soundcloud making truly great music in their bedrooms or little home studios. You’ll meet some people who are just starting out on their musical journeys, some who are lifelong musicians and others who are dusting off instruments for the first time in years. They all deserve a listen.

Now, without further ado, please dive in and meet the wonderful creative souls featured here! You can start reading the latest post below or click here for the full blog list

Also, if you want to discover even more new music – check out the very cool Exxpired Music Podcast – which features independent music each week.

Latest from the Blog

  • Music To Listen To In September
    Sorry for the slight break in transmission recently, lets put it down to the vagaries of mental health… In the meantime while I prepare my next Soundcloud story, here’s a mix of songs that have caught my attention lately. I hope you’ll give both old friends and new discoveries some Soundcloud love.Whether its a virtuoso […]
  • Santa Dharma – Japan
    The duo I’m featuring today is one I am totally in love with. As a matter of fact if I lived in Tokyo I’d be begging them to let me join their band!! They’re one of my all time favourite discoveries on Soundcloud – I’ve devoured everything they’ve put up onto Bandcamp and it’s a […]
  • Soundcloud recommendations for March / April
    Here’s some of the stuff that’s been floating through speakers and headphones in my house and travels lately.I love how eclectic this list is – starting with the cool indie instrumental by Haga187 – what a cool bassline!!This list also features the ridiculously talented Jonathan Beckenstein a few times – both solo and in sublime […]

About the writer……My name’s Graeme and I make music in an Australian indie pop duo called Cat Came Back and also record solo as The Lone Bass Player. You can find us on Soundcloud (of course!), Bandcamp and all the other places like Spotify & Apple Music etc etc.

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